We are a family company dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of pine nuts. Our origins date back to the early 1950s, when Pedro Cortal, always with the support of his wife Àngela Miquel, began working on the recollection of pine cones from the magnificent pine trees that we have in our region in the northeast of Iberian Peninsula, in front of the Mediterranean Sea (Pinus Pinea).

A few years ago, and began to break themselves with pine cones and shelled pine nuts in order to obtain the final unshelled pine nut. Initially distributed throughout Catalonia, and later anywhere in Spain.

Almost all the work was, in the beginning, manual, but little by little went largely improved while automating the entire process of elaboration. At 1996, the marriage incorporated his daughter Mariàngels to the work, and they established the company Fruits Secs Cortal SL.

Currently, the founders retired, his daughter is at the front of the company. The current process allows us to offer to the market a pine nut which is still characterized by their high quality, result of a careful selection of pine cones.

Àngela Miquel and Pere Cortal (1959)
Mariàngels and Pere Cortal (2012)